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Structure of mobile concrete mixing plant

The chassis of the main engine: a cantilever-shaped mixing host chassis. The chassis contains the towing truck's traction pin and the parking legs. The chassis is equipped with a metering scale for the mixer, cement and water admixture; the surrounding is equipped with inspection and walking platforms and railings. Control room: The control room is at the bottom of the host chassis, and the built-in mixing station automatic control system. The control system is the same as the fixed mixing station. When the working state is used, the control room is used as the front support point of the whole station. When the transfer is transported, the control room is collected and collected. The inside of the bracket is empty; all the control lines do not need to be disassembled. Aggregate dosing measurement: This system is located at the back end of the whole station. The upper part is the aggregate (sand, stone) storage hopper. The storage hopper can be divided into 2 or 4 grids, and the heightening plate is set to increase the storage capacity. Open door operation, aggregate measurement is a cumulative measurement method for a variety of materials. The bottom is equipped with a walking rear axle and frame legs for working. Belt conveyor frame: The frame is a truss structure connecting the main chassis and the aggregate material frame, and the belt frame is built in; the main frame, the belt frame and the batching frame are integrated to form the main structure of the whole mobile mixing station.