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Common Types Of Crushers Analysis Of Common Crushers

What are the common types of crushers:

1. Jaw crusher (jaw crusher)

The jaw crusher can be said to be the big brother in the crusher industry. It is responsible for the rough crushing of the raw stone in the crushing production line. The size of the broken link. )

2. Cone Crusher (Cone Crusher)

Cone crusher can complete the coarse, medium and fine crushing of materials. It is generally used in the crushing production line for the second part of the crushing work to crush the stone into the preset size. Because of its wide range of materials and relatively large materials, it can be called "wanjin oil".

3. Single-cylinder hydraulic crusher (single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

The single-cylinder hydraulic crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing of materials. It has the characteristics of advanced structural design, excellent crushing capacity, excellent reliability and low production and operation costs. It is used in various black, non-ferrous, non-metallic mines and Industrial fields such as gravel.

4. Multi-cylinder hydraulic crusher (multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses hydraulic devices for its safety, adjustment, and locking, so it has the same features as the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher: it is convenient to adjust the mine outlet, and the overload coefficient is small when passing non-crushed objects Take out the non-broken objects clogged in the crushing cavity. Production practice shows that this hydraulic cone crusher has good performance. However, compared with a single cylinder, this crusher has a more complicated structure, and the manufacturing time is higher than that of a single cylinder.