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The Poor Performance Of The Sand Making Machine Is Not Neces

The impact sand making machine adopts the principle of stone to stone, low abrasion characteristics, heavy load and high-speed rotation characteristics, suitable for the crushing, sand making and shaping of soft or medium hard and very hard materials. In the process of using the sand making machine, it often happens that the production effect of the equipment does not meet the customer's expectations. At this time, the first thing I must think of is the poor quality of the machine or performance problems. In fact, this phenomenon may be due to the operation. Problem, here we will analyze the importance of operating the sand making machine correctly.

    In the production of sand making machines, few failures, good maintenance, high production capacity, easy operation, excellent quality of finished products, etc. are important conditions for improving the comprehensive income of the production project, and whether these conditions can meet the performance and quality of the equipment selected and selected It has a relationship, and it has a great relationship with the operation process. The so-called operation refers to the use of the sand making machine. In this process, the staff's setting of various parameters of the equipment, screening of the input material, and lubrication of the equipment will affect The performance will be described below with examples.

 Impact of operation on sand making machine:

When the sand making machine is used, if the parameter setting is unreasonable, such as the feed speed setting, if it is too fast, it will easily cause clogging, and if it is too slow, it will cause the equipment to idle, no matter which one will cause efficiency. decline;

When the sand making machine is used, the unreasonable maintenance will not only cause the internal parts to be worn away, but also may increase the wear. For example, when the lubricant is added, it is contaminated. When working, the parts will wear more and more;

The operation of the sand making machine includes many contents. If any of these contents appear unreasonable, it will cause the equipment to perform poorly. This is why the sand making machine should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Therefore, when the sand making machine is used, it does not meet the customer's expectations. It is not necessarily a problem of the equipment, but it may be a problem of operation. Of course, this does not mean that the performance of the equipment is not important. When purchasing the sand making machine, It is still necessary to pay attention to performance and quality, and then combine operations to ensure that it has good benefits.