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How To Clean The Crusher

As a commonly used crushing equipment, the correct use and maintenance of crushers is an important part of equipment management work. It is a series of maintenance work performed by operators and maintenance personnel according to the maintenance rules of the equipment. It is also an objective of the normal operation of the equipment itself. Claim.

In the actual production process, many customers do not pay attention to the cleaning work of the crusher when using it, but if it is not cleaned, it will affect the operation of the equipment and expand the maintenance cost of the equipment. Therefore, the cleaning work is also an important part of the maintenance of the crusher. The cleaning of the crusher mainly includes four aspects:

1. Clean the crusher belt

Check if there are oil stains on the belt and pulley, if so, wipe the belt and pulley with a clean rag in time, do not leave any stains or dust;

2. Clean the inlet and outlet of the crusher

Check the inlet and outlet to see if there is any residual material from the last work of the crusher, if any, it should be processed in time to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the outlet and inlet, otherwise it may affect the quality of the finished product ;

3. Clean the interior of the crushing cavity

Check the crushing chamber of the crusher for other debris. Note that the power must be disconnected before cleaning. When opening the inside of the crushing cavity, first clean the surrounding residual material, and then clean the remaining material on the hammer head; because there is a lining plate in the crushing cavity, when selecting the rotary cutter, the metal material will wear off some paint on the lining plate , So we also need to check whether there are impurities and paint on the inner wall of the crushing chamber; when cleaning, we need to use cleaning tools such as towels, brushes, etc. After cleaning the materials in the equipment, wipe with 75% ethanol to clean, then you can Close the crushing chamber. The cleaning of the crushing cavity should be carried out before the equipment is started to reduce the load when the equipment is started;

4. Clean the outside of the crusher

For the cleaning of the outside of the crusher, it is mainly the cleaning of the surface of the casing and the cleaning of the ground. The cleaning work of the sand making machine is mainly to prevent failure problems such as blocking of the crusher and to ensure the normal operation of the crusher.