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Precautions For Maintenance Of Sand Making Machine

When using the sand making machine, you must pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance. The harsh environment and long-term continuous operation may cause the sand making machine to malfunction. Only the reasonable use and maintenance of the sand making machine can guarantee the sand making machine. Equipment production efficiency and service life.

1. No-load start

When the sand making machine is started, if there is material remaining in the crushing cavity, it may cause excessive starting pressure of the motor and burn out the motor, and cause other damage to the equipment. Therefore, the debris in the crushing cavity must be cleaned up before starting, and the equipment should be started without load, and then the materials should be added.

2. The nature of the material is within the specified range

Different types of sand making machines have different requirements for material hardness, feed size, humidity, etc. If the hardness, feed size, humidity, etc. of the material are beyond the scope of use of the equipment, clogging, abrasion, etc. may occur, causing serious damage to the sand making machine. Therefore, when selecting materials, you must choose equipment with matching specifications. To

3. Regularly repair and replace easy-to-wear parts

Shut down regularly to check the internal wear of the sand making machine, as well as the wear of the plate hammer, the center feed pipe and the impact block. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced or repaired in time. …

4. Lubrication work of sand making machine

The sand making machine can operate normally and efficiently only under good lubrication. Insufficient lubrication will aggravate the wear of the machine and cause the bearing to heat up and damage the machine. Therefore, after the sand making machine has been used for a period of time, it should be checked whether it is necessary to refill the lubricant. To

5. Tighten loose parts in time

The sand making machine is fixed by screws and other parts, these screws will loosen under the influence of strenuous exercise. In the course of use, if abnormal noise occurs, the machine must be shut down for inspection in time to find out the loose parts and fix them in time. ...

6. Regular shutdown and rest

Sand making machine needs rest after long hours of work. In order to pursue high productivity, the equipment runs day and night, which will inevitably accelerate its damage. Therefore, it is necessary to shut down the sand making equipment after working for a period of time. This is also a very important point in the basic maintenance of the sand making machine.