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The Concrete Hydraulic Concrete Brick Machine Must Avoid Fri

Everyone knows that the new  concrete hydraulic concrete brick machine is easy to use after purchase and has a high output. However, after a period of use, the output will drop. This is also a concern for many customers, and it will also reduce the investment in  concrete hydraulic concrete brick machine. Many customers will find ways to avoid this situation. So which method is effective?

 First of all, when the  concrete hydraulic concrete brick machine is put into production, pay attention to adjusting the gap between the supporting equipment and the production parts. The mud is the indenter, the core and moving plane of the indenter, as well as the distance between the mold base and the wire plate to avoid the brick machine. Production is affected by friction. Please check these tasks before starting work every day. In addition, in production, the role of the mold is very large, but it is a wear-resistant part, so you must avoid friction during frequent installation and replacement, and pay attention to protect the mold.

 In addition, when using the  concrete hydraulic concrete brick machine for daily cleaning, you should also pay attention to checking the stamping die and die. At this time, we should use professional equipment. It is strictly prohibited to directly hit or scratch the mold by gravity. Some molds have been replaced after the brick making machine is produced. We must pay attention to cleaning and storing them to ensure the next production.

 The above summarizes how to avoid the problem of reducing the output of  concrete hydraulic concrete brick machine after long-term use. I hope to bring more convenience to customers, eliminate their worries, and use our equipment with confidence.

 Maintenance of hydraulic brick making machine is very important. Since the hydraulic system is the core component of the brickless machine, the hydraulic system directly affects the performance of the brickless machine. Therefore, the cleaning of the hydraulic system can be arduous. Medium weight.

Usually, when cleaning the hydraulic system, we use clean oil. According to the equipment maintenance manual, select the same hydraulic oil used for system cleaning. The hydraulic system of non-brick machines should be cleaned three times. After cleaning, the filter should be cleaned after cleaning and replacing with a new filter. When adding new oil, the filter needs to be cleaned again. When refueling, please filter and refill hydraulic oil, and clean the refueling tool before use. The filter cannot be removed to increase the filling speed.

 The  concrete hydraulic concrete brick machine is a relatively advanced brick making equipment, among which the hydraulic system is an important part of the equipment, and its reliable operation is very important to the processing efficiency and product quality of the equipment. But in use. Due to improper maintenance, damaged hydraulic components, improper assembly and adjustment, etc., some failures often occur. Most of the hydraulic components and accessories in the hydraulic system are packed or placed in the pipeline and cannot be directly pressed out of the pipeline to observe the working status. This also brings inconvenience to inspection and inspection, and it is often difficult to troubleshoot. Therefore, mastering the common faults of hydraulic systems and their troubleshooting methods will help improve work efficiency and ensure stable production.