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What Should Be Prepared Before Starting The Stone Crusher

The working conditions of the rock crusher are relatively poor, and insufficient preparation or improper operation often affects the normal operation of the equipment or causes mechanical failure. Practice has proved that the preparatory work before the operation of the rock crusher is very important. The following preparations should be made before starting the rock crusher:

1. Carefully check whether the main components of the rock crusher equipment are intact, whether the fastening bolts and other connecting parts are loose, whether the pulley cover is complete, whether the transmission parts are in contact or there are obstacles, etc.

2. Check whether auxiliary equipment such as feeder, belt conveyor, electrical equipment and signal equipment are in good condition.

3. Check whether there are materials in the crusher. If there are large ore or debris in the crushing cavity, it must be cleaned up to ensure that the crusher starts under no load.

4. The starting capacity of some rock crushers is less than that of rock crushers, so the flywheel can be rotated by a crane. Make the connecting rod in a position conducive to starting, that is, the eccentricity is at the upper part of the centerline of the eccentric shaft rotation.

 5. For large and medium-sized stone crushers, check the amount of oil in the lubricating oil tank before starting. Add lubricating oil if necessary. Then start the oil pump to supply oil to the lubricating parts of each bearing of the rock crusher, and wait for the oil return pipe to return oil (usually 5-10 min) and the oil pressure gauge pointer after the normal working pressure value. The stone crusher can only be started. In winter, if there is no heating equipment in the workshop, the oil preheater switch should be turned on first to preheat the oil to 15-20°C before starting the oil pump.

6. The circulating cooling water valve should be opened in advance for the crusher with cooling water device in the lubrication part such as eccentric bearing.

7. After the above preparations are done, start normally.