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XD1200B High-level Palletizing System for Bricks

XD1000GB-B Simple Palleting System It is suitable for one pallet cured bricks after the combination is close to a square or the two pallets are merged close to a square no need to separate the bricks.The equipment includes pallet feeder,rise,pusher,gantry stacker,heavy-duty chain conveyor,electirc control system,and hydraulic system.

Product Details

XD1200B Simple Palleting System for bricks

This palletizing production line is suitable for dry product palletizing og simple block producing line.It is a semi-automatic palletizing production line.Under normal circumstance,it is set independently in the vicinity if product maintenance yard.For the cured blocks,it can be stacked on the spot.It also can work as part of the fully automatic block producing line.

The autamatic palletizing system can separate bricks and plates of different types and different specifications produced by different types of brick machines,and finally form a square of about one meter for cross-stacking,and can automatically generate forks brickhole position as need.The stacking height can be up to 1400mm.After the palletizing is completed,the blcok satacking will be sent by the heavy-duty chain conveyor,which can be manually packed or matched with an automatic baler.Each node can on the entire production line has a prestored position to save forklift running time.

The whole system adopts PlC+touch screen control,cooperates with laser induction+intelligent sensor to realize unmanned automatic operation,automatically stops alarm and displays the fault position,when out of order.It can be easily eliminated without professional technicians.With remote control system+cloud data equipment manufactures can solve all problems at the office all the time.The opetation of the equipment is controlled by electricity,air and hydraulic respectively.They don't interfere with each other and act coherently.It can be palletizing in about16s,and about 15000piceces  per day.


Technical parameter

Entire area:19*10m

Total weight:1800kg

Device maximum:5m

Stacking specifications:1*1m(standard solid brick layer 48 pieces,stack 936pieces)

Highest stacking size:1.5m

Operating cycle:15-18sec/layer

Total power:35kw

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