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Hot Sale Of Combined Cone Crusher

Product Description MPH Combined Cone Crusher introduction: This type of cone crusher is our advantage in the combination of domestic and foreign similar products on the basis of the national patent,launched with the new product.The machine body for cast steel structure,high sterss ponits in...

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Advantages and Characteristics

  1. new special design,simple and reasonable structure,and stable running and High quality wearing parts to lower cost efficiently.

  2. Perfect lubricating device which ensures reliable functions of machine.

  3. Large crushing ratio and high efficiency.

  4. Each side of drive-shaft is equipped with roller bearings.Bearing base uses seal ring to prevent lubricating oil leakage.

  5. Hydraulic adjustment devices.Convenient to adjust discharge opening size.

  6. Hydraulic release system consists if several hydraulic cylinders.Easy to release jammed materials.

  7. "Spring type"ober-load protection.This release system allows uncrushable materials to pass through without causing damage.

  8. A complete lubricating oil circle system.including oil reserve tank,oil pipeline,etc.If oil temperature is over high or oil flows slowly,the machine can be shut down automatically.This protection extends crusher's service life.

  9. Long life and wide application range.

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