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Social needs of construction waste treatment equipment

As the urbanization process continues to accelerate, the amount of construction waste generated and discharged in cities is also growing rapidly. While enjoying urban civilization, people are also suffering from the troubles caused by urban garbage. Among them, construction waste accounts for a considerable proportion, accounting for 30%~40% of the total waste. According to relevant information, the brick-concrete structure In the rough construction of construction materials such as cast-in-place structures and frame structures, in the construction process of 10,000 square meters of buildings, only construction waste will produce 500-600 tons. According to this calculation, the construction waste generated and discharged by construction construction in China alone exceeds 100 million tons per year, and the amount of construction waste generated by building decoration, demolition and building materials industry will reach hundreds of millions of tons. Therefore, how to deal with and utilize more and more construction waste has become an important issue faced by government departments at all levels and construction waste disposal units.