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Maintaining Details Of Major Matters Of Block Production Equ

1. Basic matters:

The operator must read the instructions, be familiar with the working principles and working procedures, and operate the equipment as required. Non-professional operators are not allowed to operate this equipment; the equipment must be cut off when the equipment is stopped or overhauled; after the work is completed every day, the machine Clean, dry and apply lubricating oil, otherwise it will harden and hard to wipe. Do not flush the equipment with water. Because the river bank slope protection brick machine is equipped with electrical equipment inside, flushing with water is very easy to damage the equipment and cause accidents.

2. Material matters:

The material must not contain aggregates or other debris (larger than 10mm), especially iron and other solid objects, which can easily damage the mold and equipment; the storage material should not be stored for a long time, so the material should be used with it; stir It should be noted that there should be no large-particle aggregates or other foreign materials mixed in, which can easily damage the machine or affect the quality of the product.

3. Equipment matters:

Check the tightness of the spring bolts every day, and check the tightness of the vibrator bolts and the looseness of other bolts every week. The vibrator should be checked frequently during work. If there are wear, slip, slack and other phenomena, it should be replaced or adjusted in time. If the pulley is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time; the hydraulic system should be adjusted to the rated pressure, and the oil net should be cleaned regularly. Fill up the oil tank when it is insufficient; regularly check the hydraulic pipeline to prevent clogging or weathering; often check and clean the brick machine to see if there are sticky blocks and clean them. Vibration and pressure should be strictly controlled, and the amount of material adjusted at any time; refueling strictly in accordance with requirements. The amount of lubricating oil added to the vibrator is 45 ~ 50mm in height from the bottom case. Use a dipstick to check regularly (monthly). During regular use, the lubrication in the vibrator is lossy and must be replenished in time.

4. Pallet matters:

During operation, the remaining material on the pallet should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will cause the mold frame to go down in place; the adhesive on the pallet should be removed in time. The pallet production must meet the regulations, the diagonal error is less than 5mm, and no more than five pieces are stacked on the plate feeder.