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How Should We Pass The Running-in Period

Nowadays, in the process of extensive use and upgrading of brick making machines, it can bring advantages to market sales. Therefore, this is why we can continue to grasp these basic upgrade advantages, and after updating such maintenance and maintenance methods, they are important basic aspects. In this type of maintenance process, it is easy to notice these basic details and impact. After mastering these laws during operation, it is easy to extend the service life of such equipment. The operation is more normal and the working efficiency will be greatly improved. How does the brick machine pass the run-in period?


 The new machine needs break-in time. After 200 hours of operation on the brick machine, the staff can change the new oil. For workers with work experience, it is easy to determine the cleanliness of the hydraulic press according to the color and cleanliness of the oil. If the cleaning effect is good, you can change the new oil after working for a thousand hours.

When the ambient temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, the fully automatic brick machine should be turned on for production-free operation, and normal operation can be started until the oil temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius or higher. It is not allowed to arbitrarily change the maintenance cycle of the brick making machine, which is a common method of daily maintenance of the brick making machine. We are not sure when the hydraulic brick machine will fail. The maintenance cycle of the brick machine should be stable within a fixed time. The screws of the automatic hydraulic bricklaying machine should be checked in time. If time permits, please check once a day. This prevents the screws from loosening during use and hinders production.


  In the process of repairing the brick making machine, it is necessary to consider the principles of power, economy and reliability. If you repair the brick machine, you can reduce repair and maintenance costs. After growing up, technology should also master some basic views and advantages. After updating these advantages, even if you are using it, you still need to master these basic methods and laws. This is a good repair and maintenance method.