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The Main Raw Material Of Fully Sutomatic Bin-direction Hydra

The raw materials of the fully sutomatic bin-direction hydraulic pressure moulding machine mainly use slag, stone powder, gravel, fly ash, slag cement, etc. as raw materials, scientifically proportioned and then mixed with water, after the hydraulic brick machine high pressure presses out cement bricks, lime-sand bricks, and hollow cutting The mechanical equipment of bricks or colorful pavement bricks. Because cement bricks maintain land resources, they also complete the recovery and use of resources. For example, we all think that slag, slag, construction waste, etc., can be used in the brick making machine. Fragmentation and differentiation are rationalized and converted into non-burning bricks. The produced hydraulic bricks advantageously replace traditional clay bricks, reduce the waste of coal resources, protect the ecological environment, and favorably respond to the national energy conservation and environmental protection call. Promoting the development of the construction industry. From the perspective of the development of hydraulic brick making machines, it is also the main aspect that can be trusted to continuously pass such technical advantages and brick-making advantages. For the production process to the bricks made From a point of view, the quality and guarantee are also worthy of recognition. The technology of brick making equipment is still constantly being upgraded, and more exposure to such technical advantages.

Hydraulic brick machine manufacturers recommend that for the upcoming new environmental protection law, whether it is based on the amount of pollutant discharge or the amount and degree of punishment, it shows the determination of the environmental protection department to rectify high-polluting enterprises! Environmental protection brick equipment is a high-pollutant treatment equipment, With the advantages of strong processing capacity and zero pollution discharge, which companies can solve the pollution problems?

Enterprises with high pollution emissions: The abandoned tailings produced by mining companies can be used to produce non-burning bricks. The hydraulic brick machine manufacturer with nearly 30 years of production line installation experience has many iron tailings, tin tailings, and gold tailings. Mines and other non-ferrous metal tailings cooperation experience, built a single production line of non-burning bricks, the daily processing capacity of tailings is as high as about 300 tons! For mining enterprises with large tailings production, multiple production lines can be adopted to produce measures at the same time. Severely polluted enterprises: The printing and dyeing sludge produced by the sewage sedimentation of printing and dyeing enterprises can be used to produce non-burning bricks. The amount of printing and dyeing sludge produced is not large but the pollution is high, which has always been the focus of environmental protection departments and the media.