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How To Maintain The Steady Brick Cement Brick Making Machine

The neglected maintenance and maintenance of the steady brick cement brick making machine:

Most of the steady brick cement brick making machine work in harsh environments such as sand, gravel, rain, wind and snow, and their technical conditions are bound to decline faster than other machines, and the coordination of parts will show varying degrees of looseness, wear, corrosion and scaling. , The mating nature of the connecting parts, the mutual positional relationship between the parts and the coordination of the mechanism work will be affected to varying degrees, resulting in a decline in performance indicators such as power, economy, and reliability, and even machine accidents. Therefore, we must pay attention to the technical maintenance of the non-burning brick machine. The technical maintenance of the brick making machine refers to a series of technical measures taken to the machine in order to keep the machine in a good technical state, ensure its reliability, improve work efficiency, and extend its service life. Its main content is to focus on cleaning, tightening, lubrication and adjustment, combined with related inspection and testing work. All types of mechanical equipment have clear maintenance regulations in the "use and maintenance manual", but in actual work they often do not pay enough attention to this, mainly as follows:

① There is the idea of "cultivation instead of cultivation". There is no technical maintenance plan at all, and machines are often "sick" operations. They are only sent for repairs when they can no longer work.

②Because of the limitation of the harsh environmental conditions on the construction site, technical maintenance is not carried out in accordance with the "quantity" of maintenance, but what maintenance is thought of, and what maintenance is seen.

③The quality of the personnel participating in the maintenance is low and cannot be carried out in accordance with the maintenance operating procedures, and there is no corresponding maintenance record.

④When funds are in short supply, maintenance cannot be performed on time, or use non-compliant oil and spare parts.

⑤In order to catch up with the schedule when the construction period is tight, do not perform maintenance on schedule, ignore the operating conditions of the machinery and force work.